Las Vegas: Fun things to do For Kids

Does the sin city of Las Vegas offer anything for kids? Of course, it does. You will find fun things for all age in Vegas!!

I visited Vegas multiple times with my 10 year old kid and he totally enjoyed every second of it. The post lists things to do in las vegas for kids.

We all know why the sin city is famous, but kids are not allowed in those areas, neither should you try to take them there.

Instead, take them to the places and do things which kids will enjoy and make the trip worthwhile for you.

Note: If you avoid weekends, you can get any hotel on the strip for a very cheap price. I got stratosphere for $76 per night on a Tuesday!!

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Sneak Peek into things to do in Las Vegas for Kids

1Vegas StripFree
2Freemont StreetFree
3Musical FountainFree, starts in the evening only, Frequency: after every 30 min
4Venetian Hotel walkFree
5Stratosphere RooftopFree for Stratosphere guests, others have to pay $30
6Antelope CanyonNeed to book a ticket in advance
7Horse Shoe BendFree

Here is my list of Fun Things that kids can do in Vegas:

1. Walk the Vegas Strip:

Friday’s, Saturday’s are the peak days and you will find thousands of people on the Vegas strip, enjoying, singing, dancing and having fun.

Sundays are less crowded and Monday to Thursday you will wonder what are you doing in this deserted place 😀

The hotels at both the sides of strip are well illuminated and are a treat for eyes for all ages.

Kids will definitely enjoy the walk, the burger from one of the joints.

2. Freemont street:

Things To Do In Las Vegas For Kids

The party never stops here, any day of the week!! You can shake a leg on the booming music, get adventurous on the zipline or just walk around enjoying the light and energy on the street!

Kids will definitely enjoy people zipping from one point to other on zipline, getting a good idea how a superman would look line while flying!

3. Musical fountain:

This is one of the attractions on the strip enjoyed by all ages.

This show is held every 30min or 1hour depending on which day you are there. Grab your spot before the start of the show to get a great view.

The dancing fountain water and lights that change at the tune of music may well be the talk of the house for some days after the visit, especially with kids.

4. The Venetian hotel:

Things to do in vegas

Don’t miss visiting the Venetian hotel, you will be mesmerized with its Italian theme, especially the Venice boat and ambience around it. 

The boat ride is not free but enjoying the beautiful re-creation of Venice is completely free to enjoy.

My kid enjoyed this place a lot. There is also an Snow area (paid), where you can enjoy the snow and all the fun with it.

A lot of food and shopping options are also there.

5. Stratosphere rooftop:

Things to do in vegas for kids

This is free if you are staying in Stratosphere else you will have to shell out some money. It’s a breathtaking view from there.

You can enjoy a couple of rides if you are a Braveheart. 

We did not dare to do it, but it was fun watching screaming guys as they slide to the edge of the roof!

You can jump off the roof, literally, with all the safety gears attached if you feel extra adventurous.

6. Antelope Canyon:

Things To Do In Las Vegas For Kids

Antelope is around a 5hr drive from Vegas but is worth the visit. Do make sure to book your entry ticket in advance else you may not get entry. The best way is to book it via your hotel travel desk.

The weather outside the canyon was hot but as we entered the canyon, it became very pleasant.

Make sure to be dressed appropriately with good foot gears as its going to be a lot of walking and climbing.

On the way, you can stop by for Horseshoe bend and Hoover dam well.

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Cheap stay at Vegas

If you want to get the best of Vegas without breaking your bank, here is the itinerary for you.

  • 1. Check-in any hotel on the Strip on a Wednesday or Thursday depending on how many days you want to stay.
  • 2. At mornings, Visit and enjoy the attractions  mentioned in this post.
  • 3. At night, enjoy the casino (avoide taking kids along)
  • 4.Check out on Friday (that’s the day hotel prices skyrockets), keep you stuff in your car and enjoy the Friday rush at Vegas.

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