Priceline App Tips and Tricks

Priceline, one of the Online travel booking platforms offers many tools that help you get some amazing deals on Hotels, Flights, Cars, Cruise.

You can use Priceline on both web and mobile app, but there are few differences between the two. Keep on reading for details.

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Does Priceline have an App?

Priceline, an Online Travel booking platform offers its services on both website and mobile app.

Which one is better for discounts, Priceline website or Mobile app?

Priceline do have some Mobile only deals like “Tonight Only Deal” for hotel booking available on Apple devices. 

Similarly, few of the website functionalities like Bundle Deal and cruise booking are not available on Priceline Mobile App.

Apart from these, there are few limitations on the Priceline App, keep on reading to know more.

How to bundle on Priceline App?

Priceline app do not provide option of bundle i.e booking flight+hotel+car. This looks strange but that the way it is. Do use Priceline Web for more features.

How to change currency on Priceline App?

Priceline Mobile App do not allow you to change your currency. It defaults to USD irrespective of your country.

This can be easily done on Priceline website, so better use website if outside the US.

How to change email on Priceline App?

There is no option of changing email on Priceline App. In fact, you cannot change your email even on website. Your account is linked with your registered email id, hence changing it means login Priceline using a new account.

Also, you cannot link multiple accounts, hence each travel is mapped to the account using which you booked the travel.

How to get Priceline Mobile App?

Priceline app can be downloaded from Play store or App store depending on your mobile operating system.


How to enter coupon code on Priceline App?

While booking the room, you will get the option of entering coupon code.

Can you name your own price on Priceline app?

No, Priceline Name your own price is not available on Priceline App. In fact, Priceline have stopped Name your own price or bidding feature on its platform.


Mobile app is the latest trend and with the heavy usage of smart phones, all the business are creating its app.

Priceline App provides some basic functionalities but it lacks many features of Priceline website. It does offer a mobile only deal for hotel bookings.

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